Humor offers us healthy mentality. Jokes makes people more flexible when they are emotional. Laughter therapy really works for mental illness. It is so fortunate when we get people around us who has good sense of humor, cause they make us laughing. We don’t need to tell or listen jokes all the day long. We can talk with others in a jolly mood and thus the words could be funnier to the listeners. Making people to laugh is a hard job. But if we try with a great intention in our heart it wouldn’t be hard enough, because who doesn’t want to make his or her near and dear ones to see happy. Only then life can be even more beautiful to us, undoubtedly.



One would have it that a collie is the most sagacious of dogs, while the other stood up for the setter.

"I once owned a setter," declared the latter, "which was very intelligent. I had him on the street one day, and he acted so queerly about a certain man we met that I asked the man his name, and—"

"Oh, that's an old story!" the collie's advocate broke in sneeringly. "The man's name was Partridge, of course, and because of that the dog came to a set. Ho, ho! Come again!"

"You're mistaken," rejoined the other suavely. "The dog didn't come quite to a set, though almost. As a matter of fact, the man's name was Quayle, and the dog hesitated on account of the spelling!"—P. R. Benson.

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